You may have head of plastic surgery tourism, where people travel abroad – sometimes on package deals – to undergo plastic surgery procedures. Many do this as it can be cheaper than opting for plastic surgery at home. But is saving money really worth the risk? Many cosmetic surgery procedures are viewed as “major surgery” and can pose a lot of risks to the person undergoing treatment. Here are some of the risks you need to know regarding cosmetic surgery tourism in Europe, as well as why opting for plastic surgery in Glasgow, may be a safer choice.

Risks Involved in Plastic Surgery Tourism

The Surgery Itself

As mentioned before, many plastic surgery procedures are deemed “high risk”, this is due to the trauma that the body can endure during many of the procedures. Plastic surgery in Glasgow is traumatic enough, never mind adding in the extra stress of being in a different country.

Holiday-Related Activities May Compromise Health

Even though plastic surgery tourism is often marketed as “plastic surgery holidays” you will likely have to avoid pretty much all holiday activities after undergoing surgery. Everything from swimming to sunbathing and other holiday activities will likely be off limits, unless you want to put yourself at extreme risk of infection and complications.

Travel and Surgery Increases the Risk of Complications

After major surgery, your body needs time to recover. Long flights after surgery can drastically increase your risk of serious complications such as developing a pulmonary embolism or blood clots.

You May Not Be Protected

There are no laws put in place to protect you if you opt for plastic surgery overseas. If you opt for plastic surgery in Glasgow on the other hand, you will be protected by insurance if anything were to go wrong, meaning you would not be out of pocket.

The Surgery May Not Be as Cheap as It Appears to Be

Many people opt for cosmetic tourism over plastic surgery in Glasgow due to the seemingly cheaper costs associated with treatment. But if any revision surgeries needed to take place or complications arose you may wind up having to get more plastic surgery in Glasgow. The costs to make these revisions may end up costing you more than if you’d just stayed at home and opted for plastic surgery in Glasgow in the first place.

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Opt for Plastic Surgery in Glasgow

As you can see, there are many things you need to consider, as well as many risks regarding plastic surgery tourism. If you are thinking about getting treatment, it is important to consider what your options are here. Plastic surgery in Glasgow is deemed some of the best in the world, with surgeons like Dr Darren McKeown at the top of their game.