If you enjoy going on holiday and exploring different places then you may benefit more by going on a cruise. Many people believe that a cruise is a better option than going to a holiday resort because cruises can offer:
• Amazing views
• Great activities
• Opportunity to Travel to different countries
• See ocean life


cruise ship on sea

There are many benefits to going on a cruise holiday rather than going to a resort. If you go to a resort you are stuck in the one place for the full holiday. This makes it harder to travel to different places around the country you have decided to visit because you don’t have as much time to spend at the place you want to. Transport can be an issue when travelling to places across the country you have decided to visit. This is because transport only comes at certain times and you have to make sure you can get back to your hotel. Whereas, with cruises, when you stop at destinations and get out to wander for the day you can visit more than one place and don’t need to worry about being on time for the last bus to a hotel. Cruises are great for all the family because there are so many things that you can do. For example, you can join clubs with fun activities for children and see great entertainment on the cruise. There are all different types of cruises such as European cruises, Disney cruises and Caribbean cruises as well as many more.

Amazing views

cruise ship

Although you may get great sea views at hotels there is nothing better than a cruise sea view. On a cruise, you can see more of the ocean than what you would from staying at a hotel. Being out in the open means you can also see the animals that live in the sea in close proximity.

What to do on a Cruise

On a cruise, there are many different things to do for all the family. For example, children can join clubs where they can take part in activities and meet new friends, there are pools that you can swim in with facilities for playing water games as well as sports. Sun loungers are available for you to be able to look at the views and sunbathe. On some cruises, you can even get access to many bars and gym facilities.