Countless numbers of holidaymakers have tragically lost their lives whilst driving abroad, with many of these instances being when the driver initially leave the airport. Tiredness and an eagerness to get to your hotel after a long flight are both factors that can make your instincts kick in and you could end up leaving the airport and driving down the wrong side of the road.

That is why some driving companies now offer driving courses, to help you get into the habit of driving on the wrong side of the road with intensive driving courses in Glasgow. Find out more, as well as some tips on how to drive safely in a foreign country.

Intensive Driving Courses Glasgow

“Wrong side of the road” intensive driving courses in Glasgow are becoming increasingly popular. People want to reduce the risk of having an accident whilst driving in a foreign country and this can be a great way to do it. Depending on if you are taking your own car or are renting one whilst abroad will determine how you should practice driving abroad.

Some companies will give you lessons in France and Belgium, some may make mock roads in the UK and some may even provide you with a European car to get used to driving on a different side.

If you are interested in intensive driving courses in Glasgow, then get in contact with All Pass Driving today.

intensive driving courses glasgow

Tips on How to Drive Safely in a Foreign Country

Many people underestimate how confusing it can be driving in a foreign country

  • Take time to get used to your car
  • Consider hiring an automatic
  • Know the speed limits and driving laws
  • Stay in the slow lane until you are comfortable
  • Don’t be put off by other motorists
  • Request a GPS
  • Don’t be too ambitious with your travel schedule
  • Avoid driving when tired
  • Take European intensive driving courses in Glasgow
  • Choose a small car
  • Plan ahead
  • Learn what European road signs mean
  • Don’t pull over if someone tries to flag you down – drive to a populated or busy area and then stop, practice this even if it’s the police trying to pull you over

Documents to Have On You When Driving in a Foreign Country

Ensure that the following documents are kept on you at all times when driving in a foreign country;

  • Full UK valid driving license – plastic only
  • Car insurance details
  • Vehicles V5c (registration document)
  • Passport
  • Visa (if you are in a country that requires one)
  • Relevant paperwork – if it is a hire car