There are many different places to visit in Glasgow, However, some of the most popular places to visit in Glasgow are on everyone’s list of places to visit making them extremely busy. From museums to graveyards and even streets, there really is something for everyone to see in Glasgow. If you are a tourist and are looking for some great places to take photos. Then this guide will be perfect for you as we have a list of some the most popular places to visit in Glasgow that you may or may not have thought about visiting before.


Kelvingrove Art Gallery

popular places to visit in Glasgow Kelvingrove Art Gallery

One of the most popular places to visit in Glasgow is the Kelvingrove Art Gallery. This museum is filled with amazing exhibits ranging from dinosaur skeletons, stuffed animals to vintage clothes and fashion accessories. The gallery is also filled with amazing and unusual sculptures and models as well as paintings to look at. There are numerous activities for children to take part in. As well as fun activities there are opportunities to learn a lot of interesting facts. After having a look around the museum there is a great gift shop where you can purchase keepsakes from and you can also grab something to eat in the café.


Most Popular Places to Visit in Glasgow


Another popular place to visit in Glasgow is Ashton Lane. Hidden in the West End, this cobbled street is filled with many bars and restaurants for you to try. The street is great for photos during the day as it has the perfect setting that includes cobbled stones and is also full of life. However, at night there are even more opportunities to get a better view of this lane as there are fairy lights all around the area making it well lit which is also amazing for photos.

popular places to visit in Glasgow Necropolis grave stones

The Necropolis


The Necropolis, inspired by the Père Lachaise cemetery in Paris. Is one of the most popular places to visit in Glasgow. There are over 3,500 monuments to view in this Victorian cemetery. As well as monuments, there are also gravestones designed by the famous Charles Rennie Mackintosh to view. With over 50 thousand people buried here this cemetery is full of history. There are different tours that you can go on that are only available a few times each month to be able to learn a lot of the history and background that surrounds this graveyard.