Whether it’s your actual home or a holiday home, no one wants damage to occur. Many holiday homes are left vacant over the winter months, leaving them vulnerable to different types of seasonal damage and break-ins – especially with no one there to watch over the house. One of the most common damages that can occur over the winter months is damp. This article will tell you ways that damp may occur, when to contact damp experts, plus how to protect your holiday home from damp – even when you’re not there.

Potential Issues That May Occur

There are many possible uses that may occur which could cause damp, some of the main ones include;

Burst Water Pipes

Burst water pipes are extremely common, especially when the temperature drops to below freezing. It can be pretty hard to image places like Spain and Italy reaching these below freezing temperatures but it does happen, even if it’s uncommon. Due to this, many piping systems aren’t built with the cold in mind. This leaves them more vulnerable to bursting when the temperatures do get colder.

If a water pipe bursts, it is possible to not only cause a lot of damage but to cause a damp problem within the house as well. If you think that you may already have an issue, it is essential to contact damp experts to come and look and resolve the problems before it gets worse.

Storms Causing Loose Roof Tiles

Storms are pretty common in Europe over the autumn and winter months. Due to this, it can put your holiday home at risk, potentially loosening or taking roof tiles off altogether. Once your roof has loose tiles or a loss of tiles, it becomes extremely vulnerable to the other elements, such as rain and snow. This can cause leaks in your property which can ultimately lead to damp. If you notice some of your roof tiles are loose, then speak to a roofer, they will be able to tell you if you have damp and if you need to get in contact with damp experts.

Ways to Fight Damp When You’re Not There

If you can’t get someone to check on your holiday whilst you’re away, there’s no need to worry, there are some preventative measures that you can put in place to ensure that nothing terrible happens. Some of the ways you can protect yourself and your holiday home from damp include;

  • Get Holiday Home Insurance
  • General maintenance: check roof tiles, check doors and windows – fix any apparent problems (if you are not a DIY expert then you can hire someone to do it for you)
  • Electric dehumidifiers, portable dehumidifiers or leave out salt/cat litter
  • Ensure the property has adequate ventilation
  • Buy cheap bed sheets and put them over furniture to help prevent mould
  • Pull furniture away from external walls or windows
  • Use vacuum bags to store bedding and other soft furnishings

Hiring Damp Experts

If you already have an issue with damp, then you may need to hire damp experts to take care of the problem for you. Even if you think you have an issue, it’s always best to get it seen to by damp experts.

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