In Edinburgh, you will never be short of things to do. From shopping to sightseeing around famous landmarks and visiting museums as well as Zoos, there is plenty to do for all the family. Some of the best places to visit in Edinburgh would be Edinburgh Zoo. There are many different animals that you can see at this zoo. For example, you can see penguins, lizards, lions, monkeys, many small insects and creatures as well as the famous pandas all in the one place.  A Trip to the zoo can be great for the family to be able to see all the different animals. You can also become a Zoo Keeper for the day as you get to go round with the keepers and seeing the jobs they do each day.

best places to visit in Edinburgh clock and building

Restaurants to Visit in Edinburgh


There are many different types of restaurants with a range of foods to try in Edinburgh. However one of the best places to visit in Edinburgh for something to eat would be the Purslane Restaurant. This 5-star restaurant gets many good reviews from customers due to the amazing food they sell as well as the service they provide. Another restaurant to visit would be the Castle Terrace. This is a very modern looking restaurant that provides great tasting food as well as looking very fancy.

best places to visit in Edinburgh castle and people

Edinburgh Castle and Interesting Places to Visit


One of the best places to visit in Edinburgh would be the Edinburgh Castle. This castle is filled with many different objects from over the years and is also full of history. Edinburgh Castle was built in the 12th century and is one of the most popular castles visited in Scotland. If you are looking for some more interesting things to do then there are many great museums you can visit. There are a number of galleries you can visit in Edinburgh where you are able to see the great artwork as well as illusions at the Camera Obscura.


Shopping in Edinburgh


As well as many high street shops there are also shops full of designer clothes and jewellery. Harvey Nichols is one of the most popular designer shops in Edinburgh as there are so many big brands found in this shopping area. There are also different makeup counters throughout this store. Harvey Nichols is so popular because there are not many locations for this shop which is why many people come to visit the Edinburgh store as the only other stores are in London, Manchester and Liverpool.