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Larry Lamb meets his Cruise Mates

Larry Lamb was challenged by Thomson Cruises to embark on a voyage of discovery across the Mediterranean. Whilst sailing on TUI Discovery 2, Larry discovered an array of vibrant and interesting locals – his Cruise Mates.

In a series of three films, we followed Larry’s adventures in Barcelona, Palma and Ibiza, as he stepped ashore to explore what each destination had to offer, meeting an eclectic and diverse mixture of local people who all had their own story to tell.

His journey shows it’s not just about the places you go but the people you meet and memories you make when you step ashore.


The first port of call was cosmopolitan Barcelona, where Larry set off to discover the city’s most authentic arts and culture.


In Palma de Mallorca, Larry was keen to discover a selection of outdoor pursuits within the historic and vibrant city.


In his final Cruise Mates destination and inspired by his upbringing in a fish and chip shop in London, Larry went in search of the freshest seafood on the bohemian island of Ibiza.

New friends from different cultures instantly boost our emotional happiness by 10%

Ground-breaking social research from Thomson Cruises and Yale University reveals how the friendships formed abroad directly impact the mood of Brits

Step ashore and meet your Cruise Mates!

Travelling on a cruise gives you the opportunity to meet different people with interesting and exciting stories that you may not have otherwise crossed paths with.

Our team of intrepid explorers will spend the next few weeks exploring a selection of exciting destinations whilst on board Thomson Cruises’ TUI Discovery! They’ll be sharing stories of the Cruise Mates they meet and the highlights from their adventures.

If you fancy stepping ashore, experiencing new cultures and meeting your very own Cruise Mates, take a look at the cruise itineraries we have on offer here and you could be there in no time.

Step Onboard

Our team of intrepid explorers have been travelling onboard one of our biggest ships, TUI Discovery’s, enjoying the exciting selection of onboard activities and keeping fuelled with the all-inclusive drinks and cuisine.

Thomson Cruises will be launching TUI Discovery sister ship, TUI Discovery 2 this summer. TUI Discovery already offers itineraries ranging from the Canary Islands, Eastern and Western Mediterranean and the Caribbean. With TUI Discovery 2 you’ll be able to enjoy even more choice with additional itineraries including Central America.

If you fancy stepping onboard a Thomson Cruises ship and enjoying the all-inclusive offering, take a look at the exciting collection of cruise itineraries we have on offer here.